The Yoga Temple

Monthly Masterclasses and Workshops

Starting in May I will be moving my focus from weekly classes to monthly Masterclasses and Workshops. Three hours to explore yoga practice, meditation, mindfulness and all the other wonderful aspects of the art and science of this amazing life changing, life giving practice. 

To book, please either hit the ‘Shop’ button for on online booking options or alternatively drop me a message via Instagram or Facebook, or if you are an existing member, feel free to use the ‘messenger function’ in your Members Area


My own journey to yoga began way before my feet hit the mat for asana practice. Yoga became the prop to get me back on my feet again and since that time I have never looked back.

I completed my Yoga and Meditation teacher training (300+) with Yoga Campus,  one of the top yoga teacher training programmes in the UK that firmly believe that every path of this great centuries old tradition should be acknowledged, explored and respected. I too share that view and continue to embody this very ancient and powerful practice.

The Yoga Temple, based at Donnington Grove Country Club, Newbury, Berkshire, set in 300 acres of beautiful nature, with its on walled garden.